Who we are

Quality Policy

We focus on:

  • Satisfying and exceeding the needs and requirements of our customers
  • On getting the job done right the first time
  • Complying with all legal and technical regulations
  • Meeting all other requirements to which the organization subscribes.


We are committed to:

  • Driving Continuous Improvement in our Management System
  • Increasing our competitiveness
  • Achieving sustainable development
  • Addressing risk in our work processes
  • Avoiding or minimizing the undesirable effects of uncertainty and benefiting from the opportunities that it creates.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our employees
  • Ensuring that all our activities are in harmony with the environment



  • We believe that our People are our most important resource.
  • We permanently train our staff to follow our Quality Management System requirements.
  • We constantly train or staff to be respectful and sensible
  • We interact harmoniously with…
    • …the Environment
    • …our Clients
    • …our People
    • …our Suppliers
    • …and all our other stakeholders.


Gilberto Santos

Managing Director