Price Analysis

The relationship between price and quality is critical in product sourcing to ensure that our clients receive the highest value for their money, this is why we conduct a preliminary price/quality analysis before any purchase.

Our Pricing Analysis enables companies in the Oil, Gas & Mining Industries to dramatically improve profitability & market share by defining optimal prices & pricing strategy. We leverage data to understand what drives your customers’ buying decisions and integrate this knowledge to meet your pricing needs.

Our Focus and Strategy to Pricing Analysis is the Comparison of Competitive Bids.

By asking three or more suppliers for their prices for the same product, we can determine if a particular price is reasonable. However, this does not preclude total cost analysis. The lowest bid may not always represent the lowest cost. The total cost of acquisition must be analyzed.

There may be costs associated with making the lower cost product perform to standards, the additional cost of early replacement or the cost of redesign and/or testing required to make the lower cost product applicable. This "total cost of acquisition" is the real cost that must be compared.