About Total Control Equipment and Procurement

About Total Control Equipment and Procurement

Who We Are

TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT is a company devoted to providing our clients with the tools, equipment, and materials necessary to succeed in today’s markets. We work with fully established facilities as well as helping to develop in-house and turnkey projects. By tailoring solutions to our customers’ specific needs, we both meet and exceed their expectations.

Since its foundation, our business has grown thanks to a dedication to quality and service. Providing services like pricing analysis, shipping logistics, material certification/verification and inventory control, we have developed winning strategies to help clients meet their short and long term operational goals.

Our Mission

At TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT, we strive to become the world leader in equipment and material procurement. By supplying the highest quality parts and technology to our customers at cost-effective price points, we stand above our competition.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and willingness to expand supply-chain logistics into new territories allows us to meet our goals. As we expand geographically, we work towards not only exceeding our customer’s expectations but also providing an infrastructure designed specifically to promote the welfare of our staff.

Our Vision

As we continue to be the leading supplier of equipment, technology and materials for North, Central and South America, we envision our company expanding worldwide. Our motivated team of consummate professionals are committed to our development as well as our clients’ success.

As our business grows, we work towards providing a healthy and happy workplace that is also harmonious with and concious of environmental impacts. Our clients utilize precious resources that our planet provides, and we feel it is our responsibility to help maintain that ecosystem while simultaneously helping our customers reach their own goals.

TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT is a company devoted to our customers. Contact us today at (786) 618-5106 to learn how we can help meet all of your oil, gas and mining operational needs.

Core Values

TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT has a strong sense of what is needed to not only succeed in this industry but to be a business committed to the advancement of technologies and practices that benefit our society and environment as a whole. We are a global corporation that understands our place in the world, and seek to make it better.

  • Commitment
  • Customer Orientation
  • Responsibility
  • Proactivity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Respect