Every company needs to take charge of their affairs and handle each aspect in the best way possible having multiple departments with clear functions and responsibilities. If you want to save time, money, and energy, you need to have serious partners who have the ambition to help you and share the same passion about your business.  You may have come to the conclusion that there is no guarantee that new partners will work as well or as strong as your own employees. Of course you would find distrust or simply believe they are overloaded with too many clients to possibly provide you with more than basic management services, which ultimately brings no benefit to your business.  Wrong! Total Control is founded on a commitment to build mutual respect, trust, and business with their customers. They have been charged to direct the care of many companies and have grown with foreign businesses, pushing the intensity and maintaining reliability for years.

The analysis

The company has a specialized group that scours for profitable businesses with low prices to benefit our entrepreneurs.  We always abide by a rigorous technical analysis to ensure confident installations of machines negotiated on your behalf.  We are committed to finding the best and most cost-effective options on the market and to find your perfect balance between cost and quality.  Your business will grow on a global scale, and we’ll be there working closely with you to bring proposals and connections for new ventures.

Options and prices

Total Control’s interest and labor is to find cost-effective market solutions.  We work to guarantee our clients are receiving the best. We also understand that costs and the need for flexible shipping options are major concerns.  We provide solutions to all technical and economic questions to ensure confidence in quality and durability.  

Negotiating and purchasing

Total Control has become a specialists in highly complex businesses and has forged security by being interested in and learning about challenges that are coming and by seeking to supply the oil, gas, electric, and mining industries with a more complete service.  We understand the expenses involved in moving machinery and assume that responsibility with an unmatched level of commitment, reliability, and armed with an extensive list of suppliers providing management solutions and flexibility.

Our company manages everything from the most basic spare parts to complete plants. Procurement commitments, purchase monitoring, installation, operation, and personnel training to operate varied equipment and structures.

Forwarding and Logistics operations

Once your order has been received and products have been researched, we verify that the equipment we are purchasing is the best fit for your company’s needs before procuring and shipping the merchandise.  We care for your products and know their statuses and locations at all times by using the best technology to track and stay updated on their progression.

Our staff is committed to respecting the processes and daily steps taken by all who work in the company. From the moment they arrive in the office until the delivery of your product, they work to ensure everything arrives perfect condition. Distance and time are always tight.  We don’t consider delays or breaks an option.

At Total Control, we value your well-being, your work culture, and your production.  We strive to implement services and functions with excellence. We embrace responsibility for management, negotiation, and movement of everything you need, as well as providing you security by avoiding exhausting business trips that can be managed by Total Control on their own.

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