For 20 years this company has been involved in extremely extensive and important projects and has integrated perfectly with results of large constructed works and unparalleled customer satisfaction.  The growth and realization of Total Control has been essential to achieve one of its main objectives: to expand and cover projects throughout the Americas.

Procurement and logistics for companies that work in the oil, gas, mining and energy fields require a high commitment and an attentive and well trained team that can avoid all delays, damages, and complications.  Our team understands that they are responsible for hundreds of workers to start a project on time with everything required and not by waiting for machinery or other essential parts to arrive. It is clear that there is no room for error and that each person in the company must extend the value of their role and give the utmost respect for the clients.

The high level of our commitment has shown us the confidence of many clients worldwide who recognize and value our management.  They understand that we at Total Control are always searching for the best guarantees, options, and answers for our clients, differentiated from those companies that only provide basic logistic service. We have worked tirelessly to enhance our processes and have facilitated entrepreneurs in management, acquisition, purchase, and shipment of goods around the globe to provide efficiency and cost cuts.

Through developed experience, completed projects, and overcoming challenges, Total Control has made the decision to change its image with a clear focus in mind: to continue growing and improving.  We are focused on refreshing old and attracting new markets with our new premium design. We will be represented by a rhinoceros showing growth, strength, and power to tackle any challenges that may come for the company or its clients.

The new brand is loaded with responsibility and purpose.  It is only a small window into the improvements that we are reaching for.  We want to transform not only to be innovative but also to be more imposing within the world market. We will be recognized and realized for the work done in the different companies that rely on us and the projects that have been completed because of us.

We are continuing to gain confidence and evolve.  our long-time customers remain calm and satisfied with Total Control as a partner and their first choice for analysis, procurement, and shipping.  Our ambition is to reach new companies through recommendations from market professionals speaking about the security we have been providing over the years.  

The potential to grow alongside our allies is here and we trust that our employees will continue to bring their best so that this rhino is identified as strong, firm, constant, and leaves its mark on every client.

Total Control is evolving and continuing to build global confidence!

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