Core Values

About Total Control Equipment and Procurement


We fulfill much more than just our working relationships. We give our best effort because we are involved and identify with the individual, group, and organizational objectives.


Customer Orientation

We maintain a permanently positive attitude by detecting and satisfying the needs and priorities of our internal and external clients and by offering long-term, quality service.



We assume the obligation to comply with the commitments acquired, taking special care and attention in our decisions to strengthen our assurance.



We maintain cordial commercial and working relationships, striving to empathetically understand each point of view and situation. We treat people with dignity.



We develop creatively responsible actions, visualizing the alternatives and quickly solving the problem in a manner congruent with the appropriate principles.


Continuous Improvement

In order to reach a higher level of satisfaction for our customers, we continuously propose improvements that allow us to optimize processes, respond to the changing needs of the environment, and be more competitive.



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