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Logistics and Freight Management for Oil and Gas

Managing logistics in the oil and gas industry is no simple matter. The safety and consistency concerns are significantly greater than in most other fields. Error can lead to team member injuries. Even in the best cases, downtime from poor handling of logistics will affect profitability. So, to handle their logistics freight management oil and gas companies turn to TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT.

Visibility, accuracy and consistency are our top priorities when managing logistics in the oil and gas industry. We understand how central logistics are to the success of any oil and gas company. If you are looking for a new strategic partner to help keep your logistical operations running smoothly, we are here to make sure the job gets done right every time.

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Our Logistics Solutions

We offer end-to-end logistics solutions capable of handling your multifaceted needs. No two businesses have the same logistical needs. So, at TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT, we customize our offerings to match the unique business requirements of each customer. This enables us to consistently deliver the results your team relies on to grow your business.

Our experience working in logistics for industries such as oil and gas affords us unique insight into the needs of our customers. For logistics freight management oil and gas companies need specialized solutions. Our comprehensive approach handles everything from carrier negotiation to day-to-day traffic activities.

We offer the best new and used logistics equipment combined with inventory management, tracking, price analysis and more. Handling transportation and logistics in the oil and gas industry requires a combination of top-quality equipment and expertise. The TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT team is able to deliver both.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive advice and management of purchasing processes for projects in the oil, gas, mining and power industry, with products and technologies of the highest quality, in excellent conditions of negotiation and delivery times.

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