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Logistics and Freight Management in Oil and Gas, Mining and Power

Consistency, safety and efficiency are essential logistical concerns for businesses in the oil and gas, mining and power industries. In these fields, even a short interruption can have a dramatic effect on profitability. So, if you are an executive or manager in one of these industries, finding the right strategic partner to handle your complex logistical needs is likely a major concern.

TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT is a complete, end-to-end solution provider for the oil and gas, mining and power industries. We customize our solutions to match your business needs. When you work with us, you can rest assured your logistics will be organized to increase efficiency and ensure safety.

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Logistics, Freight Management Oil and Gas, Mining and Power Companies Can Rely On

Logistics management in the oil and gas, mining and power industries has some unique considerations. Each industry has complex requirements and a need for efficient and consistent transportation of equipment and material. Additionally, these fields have an especially high focus on safety. Therefore, if your business is in one of these industries, you need to know your logistics are being properly handled.

So, put your trust in the strategic partner that has the experience to ensure excellent outcomes every day. Since its founding, TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT has become the logistics freight management oil and gas, mining and power businesses trust thanks to our commitment to excellence.

We understand the ins and outs of heavy industry transportation. From working with carriers to managing day-to-day traffic activities, we have the experience to offer ocean freight and air freight logistics oil gas and mining companies can rely on.


Efficient Inventory and Tracking Solutions

Businesses operating in the heavy industry and power fields have no shortage of inventory management needs. So, TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT offers inventory and tracking solutions to help you keep your shipments organized and efficient.

We monitor the status of your product shipments and ensure they reach their final destinations accurately and on time. Our goal is to ensure you have complete confidence and security whenever you ship air, land or ocean freight.




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