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Excel with Support in Mining Transportation and Logistics

We at TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT understand that companies in the mining industry face unique challenges when it comes to logistics and transportation. Strict regulations and heavy loads can make shipping complex. That’s where our services come in.

Our experience, connections and resources allow us to efficiently manage the day-to-day demands of transporting equipment and materials. Team members are trained to coordinate the many connected processes that keep your supply chain flowing smoothly so you can dedicate your resources elsewhere.

Logistics and Technology

Our experts not only handle the intricacies of getting your property from point A to point B, but can keep you in the know with the latest shipment- and inventory-tracking technology. We understand that your projects and partnerships rely on receiving materials on-time, which is why accurate tracking is essential. With the help of tracking technologies, we can identify and address any issues as they arise. This allows us to help you keep deadlines or make adjustments in real time.

We also know that effective logistics management is about more than keeping an eye on moving goods. We’re always working to increase efficiency by negotiating with carriers and leveraging our networks to get you the best service without the hassle.


Transporting heavy equipment and materials can be a challenge. Proper packing is vital to preventing damage and loading must be done with care. Who can you trust to ship your property in such a way that it arrives in prime condition?

We also do the time-consuming but essential task of finding the best cargo insurance for your shipments. While we do everything in our power to ensure your equipment arrives safely at its destination, we also know that the most pragmatic approach is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. If the worst happens, we make sure you’re covered and offer our assistance in recovering.

TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT understands that when you partner with us for shipping, you’re putting your business’s reputation in our hands.

Shipping Internationally

Moving goods internationally is even more complex, as on top of the normal shipping logistics, you also have to consider the legalities of moving goods across national boundaries. Our experts manage the intricacies of importing and exporting, ensuring that all documentation is completed and legal requirements met. With TOTAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT AND PROCUREMENT helping you optimize your supply chain on a global level, you may discover additional resources that would have previously been committed to the transportation process.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive advice and management of purchasing processes for projects in the oil, gas, mining and power industry, with products and technologies of the highest quality, in excellent conditions of negotiation and delivery times.

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