Dixon Air King™ 2-Lug Hose End AB6 UNIVERSAL W/ 3/4″, PK 10 PCS


Dixon Air King 2-Lug Hose End AB6 Universal W/ 3/4″

Part Number: AB6

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Specifications for this item:

Brand Name: Dixon

Part Number: #AB6 UNIVERSAL W/ 3/4″


Product Description:

  • Part Number: AB6
  • Material: Brass, global investment cast
  • Seal: Rubber
  • Size: 3/4″
  • Pressure Rating: 150 PSI (1 MPa)
  • Pkg: Qty 10
  • Weight Lb: 0.5300

Product Details:

Use of supplied safety clip guarantees the fittings are properly connected because the safety pin will not go through the holes in mating fittings until couplings are locked in place.

Only one Air King safety clip or wire type retainer is required for each Air King universal coupling.

Air King is for air and water service only


  • Air King meets pressure requirements as specified in A-A-59553 commercial item description superseding Mil Spec.WWC-633D.
  • Features, Safety clip included.
  • Supplied with rubber washer, part # AWR4

Safety Notes:

  • Air King is for air and water service only
  • Never use any Air King coupling for steam service!


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Weight 0.53 lbs

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