Radnor® CGA-320 Fiber Washer (Package 100 Qty), RAD64003939


Radnor® CGA-320 Fiber Washer (Package 100 Qty)

Part Numbe: RAD64003939

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Brand Name: Radnor®

Part Number: RAD64003939

Product Description:

Radnor® CGA-320 Fiber Washer  (Package 100 Qty)


  • Washer for CGA-320. All Radnor® fittings are manufactured to CGA-standards. In addition to CGA-numbers, many popular fittings commonly are refered to as A-size, B-size, C-size and D-size. These letter designations are included in the product discriptions.

Product Attributes

Product Type:  Washer
Size Description: CGA-320
Material: Fiber
Pressure Rating: 3000 psig